Mark Slorach

Hello! I'm Mark.
A design and user experience focused software developer based in Scotland.


I am a recent graduate from a 16-week software development bootcamp at CodeClan, where I built a solid understanding of programming fundamentals. During the course, I learned Python, JavaScript and Java as well as working with Test Driven Development, Frameworks, and Databases.

I was drawn to the visual and system design aspects of building user-friendly applications during my studies. The pace of the course allowed me to pick up skills quickly and demonstrate my understanding through creating full-stack projects.

Currently, I am enjoying working with and learning about Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and how to incorporate Content Management Systems to create dynamic content. I love the speed, modularity and flexibility that frameworks provide.

Before my career change, I worked as a freelance videographer and drone operator for six years. In this role, I worked closely with clients to deliver creative content for brands and businesses all around Europe.

In my spare time, you'll usually find me travelling around the incredible parts of Scotland with my drone and camera. I'll never get tired of visiting Glencoe!

I'm now looking for my first role in the tech industry where I can bring my enthusiasm and creativity and continue to learn and grow as a developer. I'm eager to work with a team who are building innovative and user-friendly applications.