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CodeCrush is a daily coding quiz game that challenges users with varying difficulty levels, from easy to advanced. Players earn points for each correct answer and can track their progress on the leaderboard. The game also allows users to build a streak for consecutive correct answers.

We created CodeCrush for our final capstone project at CodeClan in just under two weeks. One of the biggest challenges we faced during this project was integrating a system to work with the unique ID of an authenticated user. We had to ensure that the game logic could recognise when a user answered their daily question and display this information in their stats.

As a group, we learned to work with new technologies such as Next.js 13, Tailwind, Daisy UI, Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, and Firebase Authentication. We were able to work together as an agile team and stay on track to a tight deadline.

I am most proud of the UI for CodeCrush and implementing both light and dark modes. We gained valuable experience with Tailwind and using DaisyUI components to enhance the interface.

We are currently working on deploying the application and transferring the database to an online provider to allow for faster real-time updates.